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Dental Solutions for Medical Challenges 

 Dentistry Done Differently

Dentistry Done Differently


Dentistry Done Differently

What can your smile do for you?

What can our dental office do for you?

These are two important questions with a very exciting answer. The reason that we are “different” is because we have chosen to place more importance on the healthcare experience of the whole patient as compared to a limited view of the more traditional dental office approach of cleaning and repairing teeth.

Our approach embraces each patient with the goal of helping them feel better during their visit as well as improving their health for a lifetime. Our office doesn’t look, smell or feel like a dental office. We don’t limit ourselves to a small number of traditionally provided dental services and like to offer our patients “one stop shopping” for their dental needs whenever it is possible to do so.

We love helping our patients reach their full potential of having a healthy, happy and attractive smile while using the mouth as an opportunity to improve the entire body.

We are not “normal”, will never be boring and will always be different!


Levels of care

What can your smile do for you?


We offer two different levels of service at Synergy Dental Solutions. 

Some people just want their teeth cleaned, repaired and replaced.

Some are interested in taking advantage of the many years of experience, hundreds hours of training and the cutting edge services offered at Synergy Dental Solutions.  Many of our patients travel many miles to take advantage of Dr. Angie's expertise and care.  Others have been her traditional dental patients for over 25 years.

We welcome patients of all kinds and provide services that many dental offices do not offer.  Our additional training and technology allow us to  serve our patients who are interested in a more comprehensive approach to care including:

  • Biological and Health Focused Dentistry
  • ALF Therapy and functionally based orthodontic care
  • Cosmetic dentistry and facial esthetics
  • Early childhood tongue function, airway management and facial development
  • Treatments for headache, craniofacial pain and sleep disordered breathing/snoring

Preventative and Restorative/Traditional Dentistry



Comprehensive Care


Here we grow again! We are Now offering additional services


Nicole Edwin MS, CCC-SLP, CLC - Integrative feeding, speech, swallow and airway therapist

Our goal has always been to support the whole family, whole body and whole patient for a lifetime and now we are happy to welcome Nicole  to our team as we provide even more resources for all of our patients - but especially those with tongue ties.  We provide the only non-surgical tongue tie releases in the St Louis metropolitan area and are the only office offering dental, craniosacral and myofunctional therapies under the same roof.  By adding BabyLase and OraLase to our services offered, we are able to help even more people live better lives.

Nicole has earned a master’s degree in speech and language pathology and offers customized counseling for those with nursing and bottle feeding, swallowing, oral habit correction, breathing, eating and speech therapies. She is a tremendous asset to our ability to help our patients with facial growth and development as well as tongue tie support. In addition, she is a craniosacral therapist and can help our patient’s bodies integrate with the treatments that we offer to support changes that are happening in the mouth.


Tongue therapy for patients 6-


MyNeonourish for ages 0-5

SUrgical and Non-Surgical TOngue tie releases


Non-Surgical Tongue Tie Releases

By using a very specific application of laser therapy that feels like a gentle, warm heat, we have the opportunity to help your baby overcome the challenges of birth trauma and nursing difficulties.


Dated: 10/15/2019

The warm and bright environment is instantly welcoming and calming.  Dr. Angie and Nicole both radiate such a positive and professional energy that instantly makes you feel comfortable.  From the first visit before receiving treatment I knew I wanted to return as soon as possible and refer as many people as I could that would benefit from their care.  I am anxious to see more results in (my baby) as the days go by from the wonderful care we both received today.  I hope that more dentists and dental offices become aware of the great benefit that stems from the care provided here and welcome the same care into their offices.

How is your experience here different that other dental offices?

Professionalism is off the charts!  I felt more like friends/family than a patient.  The honest care is obvious.  It’s not about the quantity of money here, it’s truly the quality of care.  Thank You!!



Non-surgical muscle and fascia releases for children and adults


CARE Releases

Comprehensive care options for the patient with tongue ties and restricted oral tissues

Educated decisions based on science and common sense

Releasing the tissue and the stress



There are many reasons why we do not allow mothers in the treatment area during surgical procedures

We are moms as well as healthcare providers with a great deal of training in how the limbic (emotional) system operates. Having a deeper understanding of how emotional and dental trauma are closely related has formed our office policies and procedures regarding how a baby receiving surgery and a worried nursing mother are best to be separated during the surgical procedure to release a lip or tongue tie. 

There are very important neurological reasons on how we structure our surgical releases on infants and children. 

As moms, we never want our children to associate us with the perception of difficulty or struggle and want the mom to be the safe place for the child to return to once the procedure is completed. Especially for nursing mothers, it is important to understand that maternal stress produces the stress hormone cortisol which can be passed on the baby through the breastmilk. Here is one of many articles to support our position on reducing cortisol in the post release breastmilk supply: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6120523/

We strongly feel that by us honoring the principles and physiology from a medical model of care, that we are offering the baby and mother the best opportunity to bond after a procedure that is often stressful for the baby. Once you meet Nicole, Dr. Angie and the rest of our team, you will see that we will be caring for your child like they were one of their own. 

We understand that other offices providing releases have a much different policy and allow parents to be in the surgical treatment area with the child. 

Even though we disagree with that approach, we respect the right of the parent to choose a different release provider if they insist on being in the surgical treatment room during the release procedure. In our office, the parent is always with the child during the non-surgical portion of the release that precedes the surgical procedure. Dr. Tenholder, Nicole and an additional team member will be performing and guiding the procedure while documenting the release with photos and/or videos.  The child will be returned to the parent immediately after the release is completed to bond, nurse (if applicable) and for the mother to soothe the baby or child knowing that the child does not associate their trusted parent with the stress of the surgical procedure.  

In addition, while the release procedure is being performed, we encourage the nursing mother to experience the amazing benefits of NuCalm Therapy to further relax the mother and enhance the first post-release nursing experience. With a calm and relaxed mom who has experienced the benefits of NuCalm and OraLase, yet hasn’t witnessed her baby receiving a surgical procedure, the baby has the benefit of receiving breastmilk with beneficial endorphins and oxytocin while minimizing the stress hormone cortisol. 

If we are what we eat, we want that nursing baby to experience a relaxed and nurturing mother instead of an anxious and nervous mother.

Our Programs for ALF Therapy and Oral FUnction


Customized care for children ages 0-5


In the beginning...

We were created with the innate ability to thrive.  

When unwanted obstacles to natural development occur,  we strive to utilize the tools given to us to overcome those obstacles.  

By optimizing tongue function and supporting the reflex system we honor the "Master Plan"  by mimicking nature's objectives and honoring the principles of human development. 


By striving to create the most natural method of growth and development, our providers can offer minimal  intervention  while offering maximal potential.

Our highly trained team includes our very own tongue function specialist and baby whisperer, Nicole Edwin.  For more information on her services, please click on the button below:


Supporting active growth for ages 6-12


GROWing with the help of ALF Therapy

We believe that the opportunities provided by utilizing ALF Therapy to guide facial growth allow us to support your child in ways where other appliances and techniques often fall short.

The use of the ALF family of dental appliances allows an easy to use system of continuous wear as opposed to removable and part-time wear appliances

 Parents love not having to force their children into wearing uncomfortable removable appliances and/or performing boring exercises. 

Many other dental appliances are both uncomfortable and affect speech, eating and socialization with their peers.

ALF Therapy benefits include:

  • dental therapy fully customized to the needs of your child
  • 24/7 wear to ensure compliance and optimize results
  • support of the child's reflexive system 
  • easy to wear and almost invisible to their friends
  • frequent reports of improved mental focus and physical ability

The decision to care for a child's smile  as they GROW is truly a HEALTHCARE decision.  

Utilizing the appliance designs of ALF Therapy allow providers to harness the potential of Mother Nature

The smile of our children not only has the ability to brighten our day, but also has the potential to improve their lives by applying the basic principles of health and wellness to their facial growth.  Development of the face affects the ability of every person, whether child or adult, to function on a daily basis.   

GROW Therapy provides advantages otherwise not available through more traditional orthodontic options and other dental appliances that negatively affect the ability of the tongue to enhance function and natural growth..  

GROW Therapy is not to be compared to traditional orthodontic services as the methods and techniques of assessment and treatment are distinctively different.

By harnessing the power of Mother Nature, the child has a unique opportunity to grow at their own pace, develop with careful observation and ensure that their precious brain and neurological systems are respected and supported through the entire process of growth and facial development.  

By allowing the brain to connect, nature can take over.

By applying the tips, techniques and tools offered through ALF: GROW, the child will be supported, nurtured and guided through some of the most critical times of their lives


Carefully guided care for ages 12 and over


Navigating the road to resilience

Did you know that approximately 90% of facial growth has been completed by the age of 12?

After the majority of facial development has been completed, we still have the opportunity to guide the patient back to a more ideal function using a natural, principle-based treatment to supplement health. Our Guide program addresses those concerns and supports a comprehensive care approach to ALF Therapy.


The Guide Program address ALF Therapy treatment options related to optimizing oral function to address:

· airway insufficiency/sleep disordered breathing

 *crowded, crooked teeth

· movement disorders

· extraction/retraction orthodontics 

· TMJD, clicking/popping jaw joints and craniofacial pain

Maintaining a peaceful & environment for all patients



As our dental family continues to grow, we are implementing some new procedures and policies to ensure that all our patients enjoy their dental experiences while respecting the privacy of others. Based on feedback from our patients and other providers, we will be enforcing the following house rules:

1. All electronic devices with cameras or with recording capabilities will be turned off while in the treatment room and placed in a purse or on the shelf in the treatment room. 

2. We require children to be accompanied by and supervised by an adult while in the waiting room. 

3. One parent may accompany children under 5 to the treatment room.

4. We do not provide childcare. If you are asked or required to accompany a child receiving treatment and you have another child with you, you will need to bring another adult to supervise your child in your absence. If you come to an appointment for a child under the age of 5 and you do not have another supervising adult, we are happy to treat the child while the adult stays with the other children in the waiting area.

5. We will provide buzzer-style “hall passes” to parents of children over the age of 5 that will be activated if the doctor requests the parent in the treatment room. Otherwise, all parents of children will be asked to remain in the waiting room.

We truly appreciate your cooperation and support as we continue to provide our patients with pleasant, peaceful experiences at Synergy Dental Solutions.

We have always tried to be an office that is flexible and accommodating to our patients.  However, we do have rules that need to be enforced and  sometimes that involves setting boundaries to protect the rights of our patients and our team.

House Rules for parents and children

Why Choose Synergy Dental Solutions?

Emotional considerations


 We understand that dentistry is an emotional subject for many who have negative opinions about what they might have experienced in the past. We treat the entire patients’ needs to the best of our ability and love seeing our patients relax and enjoy our office and team. The extra touch of aromatherapy, heated neck towels and friendly faces are things that our patients have come to appreciate about our level of commitment to their comfort. 

We also offer NuCalm technology to assist our patients in reducing any anxiety that they might have regarding their dental care.  For more information, please click below

Comprehensive Approach


 As we assess the needs of our patients and our plan to assist them in their healthcare goals, we consider six separate, yet connected components of the basics of health. 

We view our patients as friends.  We look at the whole patient for a lifetime as compared to a part of the body for only a portion of their lives

Education and experience


Dr. Tenholder has over 20 years of clinical experience as well as over 1000 hours of post doctoral education.  In addition, she possesses accreditations and certifications that show her commitment to continuing to learn more to serve her patients even better

Convenience and location


Our ultra modern facility is located in the premier professional building in Columbia, Illinois. which is close enough to the downtown St Louis area to see the Gateway Arch from our 3rd story office windows.  We are only a 30 minute drive from St. Louis International airport and have convenient access to US Interstate 255 and Illinois Route 3.

Due to Dr. Tenholder's highly advanced and specialized training, we have many patients who travel to see us from all over the country.  If you or your family require local lodging, we have a contract with the Hampton Inn in Columbia for our patients.

Dental Insurance Options


We coordinate with most dental insurances and offer our own in-house  SmileSavers Program  for those who do not have dental benefits.

Please contact our office to determine if we will be able to assist you with utilizing your dental benefits.

Advanced treatment options available


With Dr. Tenholder's experience and training, our office offers many services that other offices do not provide for their patients.  Even though we occasionally refer our patients to dental specialists, we are proud to offer most dental services to minimize the inconvenience of needing to seek the care of multiple providers for your family's dental care.  

To view our programs and services, please click below:

What Are Your Basics of Health?

Additional Information


Dental Harmony

The ability of the teeth to complement each other during chewing function as well as the effect of dental infections as they impact the entire body is the very first thing that we evaluate. After all, we are a dental office!

Muscular Balance

If the teeth are out of balance, it can affect the muscles of the head and neck, and eventually the entire body.

Joint Stability

Without proper support of the teeth the jaw joint, also known as the TMJ (temporomandibular joint), the other joints of the body can also be affected.

Neurologic Integrity

Anyone who has had pain in the mouth, head or neck has witnessed the impact of how the brain interprets a signal of discomfort from the mouth and surrounding areas. The facial area supplied by the most powerful cranial nerve in the body (the trigeminal nerve) is directly responsible for almost 50% of what the brain is processing at any given time. We use our knowledge of this impressive and complicated neurological system to help our patients lead healthier, happier lives.

Airway Sufficiency

The ability of air to flow from the nose and mouth to the lungs is directly impacted by the structure of the mouth, especially the tongue. We help diagnose potential restrictions in this area and provide solutions to improve the ability to properly breathe and provide oxygen to the body through dental therapies.


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 Our mission is to provide you with personalized, high-quality care. We are a team dedicated to improving and maintaining your oral health. Whether you need preventative care, cosmetic dentistry, biological dentistry, treatment for ALF Therapy or therapies for snoring and sleep apnea, we are dedicated to optimizing the health and function of your mouth to with the goal of helping your entire body.


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We offer broad array of services. Our team has the professional experience to realize that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all treatment, so we never use a one-size-fits-all approach to your dental plan. 


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 We provide quality and personalized oral health care while keeping your individuality in mind. Our goal is to improve and maintain your oral health so you can smile with confidence.


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